Rules of the Game

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Our 2015 game will include 4 additional, new ways to earn more points!

Here are the overall summaries of them and how they affect our game.

See the “Scoring” section below for the details of exactly how they work:

The Death Card Award
Quite honestly, "borrowed" from another Death Pool and their "Joker" (wild card) format. I think it is fun, and easy to implement.

The Zsa Zsa Award
A fun and easy to implement award. Who ever is the top, most selected stiff for the year becomes the automatic Zsa Zsa Award nominee. if the award takes after its name sake, it will never be awarded.

The Ronnie Biggs Award
Named after the Great Train Robbery bank robber who was played by many teams on their rosters, for many consecutive years (until he finally died). The Ronnie Biggs Award recognizes "the usual suspects" (stiffs who always turn up year after year on at least one roster, like the Billy Graham's). I plan on posting a spreadsheet showing each possible award winner who has been picked by at least one team for six consecutive years, since 2009. These stiffs, should you play them, and should they die (but be warned - like Biggs, they may linger on forever) will be worth an additional six bonus points.

The Johnny Carson Award
We REALLY struggled with how best to determine "famous" and "celebrity" for the Johnny Carson Award. Through lots of trial and error, research, and Google searching, we hit upon those five media sources as being the best combination for determining true celebrity. It isn't perfect (no set of media sources, or number of required sources) would be. But we were determined to try to develop a new scoring rule that would make truly famous (with a capital "F") stiffs worth more than the Huell Howser's of this world.

This year we will implement 3 alternative names on the entry form which will be used only during game set up to fill in roster errors.
See the Rosters section below for more details.

Administrator's Game Philosophy
Start & End Date
Submitting Entries
Points Eligibility
Reporting Deaths
Timings and Tribulations
Prize Money
Contact and Forums

Administrator's Game Philosophy

Just so I am clear up front, my philosophy is this – “when in doubt, the stiff will count”.

I will be as consistent with this philosophy (and fair) as possible.

If there is any doubt about eligibility, I will err on the side of approval. To me, the whole fun of a Death Pool game is to correctly pick stiffs. If a stiff receives four solid obits and the fifth is a bit questionable, I’ll approve it. In other words, I will endeavor to have some “wiggle room” in my determinations.

As for my philosophy about disputes and arguments, I believe this – we are playing a game betting on the deaths of fellow human beings. Let’s keep some perspective, and keep it civil.

Voltaire once said – “to the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe only the truth”. I would only add to that – “to those playing in death pools, chill out.”

Start & End Date

The NewlyDead Game 2015 begins 12:00 a.m. (EST) 1 January 2015.

The game ends 11:59 p.m. (EST) 31 December 2015.

Submitting Entries

Each entrant (Team Mortician) must submit a team, consisting of it's name (preferably something death related) and thirty (30) contestants. Entrants may create as many teams as they wish, paying the entry fee for each team.

Entries and payment must be submitted or postmarked by 11:59 p.m. (EST) 31 December 2015.

Once you have submitted your entry, it becomes official.

Each entry costs US $25.00.

More detailed information on the entry procedure can be found here.


Roster - your list of thirty (30) famous people you think will die during 2015.

Each entrant (Team Mortician) is responsible for the accuracy of their own Roster(s).

Alterate Names:
You can enter three (3) additional names on the entry form to be used as alternates, in case someone on your roster dies after you submit your entry but before the new year starts. These names can also be used if you accidentally enter a duplicate name on the roster, or accidentally chose someone who died years ago.

These names will only be used to replace people as needed, during game set up and at the Administrator's discretion.

These names will NOT be used to switch out anyone else or to replace anyone who dies after January 1.

When filling out the Rotser entry form, list the three (3) additional names in the order you would like them to be used.

The Death Card Nominee:
Each Team Mortician must designate one (1) of their thirty (30) roster selections as their "Death Card" nominee by placing “(dc)” after the last name on the entry form. This and only this potential stiff will be worth the Death Card Award points, should they die and meet all eligibility requirements.

Points Eligibility

I am trying very hard not to implement detailed, specific criteria for all categories of celebrity, like some other dead pools I've seen. And I certainly do not want to turn into a “name recognition only” game, there is another dead pool out there for this!, and so we will try the following,.....

In order to be awarded points for your corpse: