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Start & End Date

The NewlyDead Game 2012 begins 12:00 a.m. (EST) 1 January 2012.

The game ends 11:59 p.m. (EST) 31 December 2012.

Submitting Entries

Each entrant must submit a team name (preferably something death related) and a team, consisting of two (2) rosters: twenty-five (25) On Air Roster contestants and five (5) Green Room Roster contestants. Entrants may create as many teams as they wish, paying the entry fee for each team.

Entries and payment must be submitted or postmarked by 11:59 p.m. (EST) 31 December 2011.

Once you have submitted your entry, it becomes official.

Each entry costs US $25.00.

More detailed information on the entry procedure can be found here.


Roster #1 - On Air Roster. This roster is your primary list of famous people you think will die during 2012. The On Air Roster can contain no more than twenty-five (25) names.

Roster #2 - Green Room Roster. This is a list of five (5) additional famous people. During the course of 2012, as people on your On Air Roster die, you can replace them with those waiting on your Green Room Roster.

Entrants are responsible for the accuracy of their own Rosters.
If an On Air Roster is short one or more names, contains a duplicate name(s), or includes someone who is already dead, the only remedy is to replace the ineligible name with a Green Room Roster name, at such time that the error is discovered.

The same type of errors on the Green Room Rosters will have NO remedy.

I may find these types of errors while collecting entries or setting up for the new year. Perhaps even other players may point out the “already dead”s after the rosters are posted, however there are no guarantees! I stress again that each Team Captain is responsible for their own roster!

Points Eligibility

I am trying very hard not to implement detailed, specific criteria for all categories of celebrity, like some other dead pools I've seen. And I certainly do not want to turn into a “name recognition only” game, there is another dead pool out there for this!, and so we will try the following,.....

In order to be awarded points for your corpse:

Even when a corpse satisfies the above criteria, no points will be awarded for:
A pick will be determined to be eligible or ineligible only at the time of their confirmed death.

Advisory opinions on whether or not a person is eligible will not be given.

Coroners Committee

The Coroners Committee, as we have known it, is being suspended In 2012.

See “Disputes” for further information.ge, ones whose accomplishment(s) are not obvious or noteworthy.


If a corpse does not meet the “Points Eligibility” criteria for Wikipedia Entry, there will be no reconsideration. No Wikipedia Entry, no points. Even if he corpse is super famous, yet was somehow omitted in Wikipedia. (Though I have yet to see this)

If a corpse does not meet the “Points Eligibility” criteria for Media Coverage, the team captain can open a case for reconsideration by posting his evidence in our Yahoo group.

If you are not a member of our group, you can send your case via e-mail, and I will post it anonymously in the group. You will also be notified by e-mail when a corpse is up for discussion so that you may weigh in on the topic. Please consider joining the group so that you can be more involved.

Participation in the Yahoo group throughout the year is not a requirement, but highly recommended because,.....

Final eligibility decisions will be made by the Administrator, using various tools as needed, i.e. Examining the team captain's findings, discussion feedback, Yahoo polls, etc.

Reporting Deaths

When someone from either roster dies, please contact TheNewlyDeadGame@comcast.net immediately to inform me of the following:

Responsibility for reporting deaths is on the entrant. If multiple entrants have picked a name, only one has to report the death for all to get credit. The NewlyDead Game is not responsible for crediting deaths not brought to our attention. However, the administrator will, in fairness, monitor major sources for possible deaths on a regular basis.

Deaths can be reported any time before 15 January 2012. On 15 January 2012, the results will be declared final. The 15 January 2012 date is for reporting only - rigor mortis must have set in before 12:00 a.m. (EST) 1 January 2012 to score points. This allows for the fact that obituaries are often delayed several days.

Roster Movement

When someone from the On Air Roster dies, they can be replaced by someone on the Green Room Roster. The empty spot on the Green Room Roster will remain that way for the rest of the year. No new names will be added to the Green Room Roster during the year.

Responsibility for calling-up Green Room Roster contestants is on the entrant. Activation will be recorded as the date-stamp (and time if necessary) on your "call-up" email. So it is in your best interest to keep close tabs on your team and call-up your Green Room people ASAP (especially if they are ill LOL!)


Points will be awarded for each death according to the following:

If the cadaver appears on only one Green Room Roster, it is worth 5 points. If it is on any other roster (On Air or Green Room), as well as your Green Room Roster, it will be worth only 3 points to you. For example, if a corpse appears on one On Air Roster and one Green Room Roster, 20 points and 3 points will be awarded, respectively.

Special Awards:

So, the maximum number of points that can be awarded for a single death is 50, for a solo hit by a suicide/homicide under 45 years of age who is either the first or last stiff of the year and also the youngest (20 points for a solo hit; 12 points for being under 45; 10 points for the suicide/homicide; 4 points for being the first/last, and 4 points for being the youngest.)

Timings and Tribulations

One year (under the old version of the game) started off with a debate, when a certain death caused players to become confused about the actual timing of events! Therefore, based on the actual outcome of the resulting discussions, I initiate into our guidelines, the Helen Suzman provision:

The actual starting time of the game causes some gray area due to the various time zones.

For the purposes of submitting rosters, our game officially begins at the stroke of midnight in Continental USA, and that is 1 January, 12:00 AM EST. You should make the appropriate time adjustment, based on the time zone you're entering from, so that your roster(s) will be submitted before the start of the game.

For the purposes of recording a death, the local date/time zone in which a person dies will be the basis for the official time of death (TOD).

Since the dawn of the dead pool games, most people will wait until mid or later in the day on 31 December to submit their entries. Therefore, if somebody on your team dies on January 1 of the new game year in Kiritimati, Christmas Island, Kiribati, you will only receive the points if after converting the time over to our EST zone it is determined that they were alive at your official entry time.


Updates will be posted on the Rosters page of this website as required (at least twice every month). Entrants will be notified via the forum(s) when updates are posted.

Prize Money

After deducting the administrative costs of running the game, the remaining money will go into the kitty to be split among the winners. Anticipated administrative costs are $200. The costs incurred are for domain registration ($25), web hosting fees ($75), bank fees ($50) and miscellaneous expenses ($50).

The money in the kitty will be split as follows:

In case of ties, entrants will split the cash at that prize level and the next level(s) down. For example, if two (2) players are tied for 2nd place, they will split the 27.5% (13.75% each) that constitutes the second and third place money.

Anyone who causes or contributes to the death of a celebrity on their list, is not eligible for prize money. So, no taking matters into your own hands! And if you must stalk somebody, choose a celebrity who is not on your list.

Privacy Policy

This website uses no cookies, nor any other methods for identifying or tracking individuals who visit the site. General statistics may be kept on the number of visitors to the site, the domains they come from, and referring sites.

Entrants to the contest must supply the following personal information:

This information is used for game purposes only (I can't mail you your winnings if I don't have your address). It is not displayed on the website and will not be made available to third parties for any reason.

Occasionally, I will send contest updates and current standings to entrants and others on the forum. These updates will occur approximately twice a month (the exact frequency varies with the rate at which celebrities kick off.

Contact and Forums

Please email any comments or questions regarding the game to the administrator of our new game, Barbara, at:

Our game’s website is TheNewlyDeadGame.com.

You can also find us on:.

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